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The Board of Commissioners elected officials for two terms and oversees county activities. Additionally, the Commissioners work to ensure that citizen concerns are met, federal and state requirements are fulfilled, and county operations run smoothly. County commissioners spend a lot of time working with and representing people.

They attend regular meetings of the county board as well as meetings of board sub-committees and county-related boards and commissions. They represent county concerns before local, state, and national boards and commissions, including school boards, city councils, township boards, and state and federal offices. Board of Commissioners.

Board of Commissioners meetings are open to the public and are held at the County Courthouse every second Thursday at 7:00 pm (please make note of the time change) and the last Friday at 9:30 am. The Clerk to the Board of Commissioners; Ann Marie Main by email at or by calling 989.734.3288.

Chairman: John Chappa
Vice-Chairman: Michael Darga 

District 1: Allis Township, Bearinger Township, North Allis Township, City of Onaway.
Clifford Tollini (R)
18212 Three Mile Hwy
Onaway, MI  49765

District 2: Belknap Township, Ocqueoc Township, Rogers Township, and a portion of the City of Rogers City  – all population west of the US 23 corridor.
Mary Ann Heidemann (NPA)
7449 US 123 North
Rogers City, MI  49779

District 3: The City of Rogers City, less the population west of the US 23 corridor.
Michael Darga (D) 
1113 Dettloff
PO Box 108
Rogers City, MI 49779

District 4: Bismarck Township, Case Township, Metz Township, Moltke Township, and Posen Township. 
Wayne Saile, Jr, (R)
7556 S. Ward Branch Rd. 
Hawks, MI  49743

District 5: Krakow Township, Presque Isle Township, and Pulawski Township.
John Chappa (D)
4444 E. County Road 638
Hawks, MI  49743   

Committee Appointments (First Named – Chairperson)
Executive Committee Chappa, Darga, Heidemann (alternate)
Finance and Auditing Committee Darga, Chappa, Tollini (alternate)
Courthouse and Grounds Committee
(Airport, Parks, Road Commission, Equalization & Footings, Building Authority, Courthouse, Jail, Grounds)
Saile, Darga, Chappa (alternate)
Personnel Committee Darga, Heidemann, Saile (alternate)
Public Health and Safety Committee
(Department of Human Services, Emergency Services, solid waste, housing commission, and law enforcement)
Saile, Darga, Chappa (alternate)
District Health Board Chappa, Darga, Tollini (alternate)
Special AppointmentsMembers
Chief Administrative Officer Chappa
Courthouse Security Chappa
Northern Michigan Counties Association Chappa, Heidemann (alternate)
Michigan Works (Consortium) Tollini, Heidemann (alternate)
MI Townships Association Heidemann, Tollini (alternate)
Multi-County Authority for Solid Waste Darga
Dept. of Health & Human Services Saile
NEMCOGChappa, Darga (alternate)
NEMSCAChappa, Heidemann (alternate)
CDC/EDC/Tourism Saile, Heidemann (alternate)
Planning Commission Heidemann
Transit Authority Tollini
Recycling Alliance Darga
Conservation District Saile, Tollini (alternate)
Senior Citizens (including RCAS) Darga, Heidemann (alternate)
Road Commission Liaison Tollini, Saile (alternate)
Huron Undercover Narcotics Team (HUNT) Darga, Chappa (alternate)

Additional Resources
FOIA Procedures and Guidelines & Additional Resources
Organizational Meeting
Ordinance & Policy Resources
Rules of Order

Minutes of the Board
2021 Minutes of the Board
2022 Minutes of the Board
2023 Minutes of the Board
2024 Minutes of the Board

Address Ordinance
Animal Control
Building Code
Hazardous Materials
High Transport Corridor Zoning Ordinance
ORV Ordinance
Municipal Civil Infraction
Planning Commission Ordinance
The zoning ordinance is available at the Building and Zoning Department

Presque Isle Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
2021 Presque Isle Health & Human Services Minutes of the Board
2022 Presque Isle Health & Human Services Minutes of the Board
2023 Presque Isle Health & Human Services Minutes of the Board