53rd Circuit Court Family Division
P: 989.734.2214
53rd Circuit Court
P: 989.734.3288 
E: picircuit@picounty.org
89th District Court
P: 989.734.2411
Building & Zoning
P: 989.734.2915
E: pibuild@picounty.org
Clerks Office
P: 989.734.3288 
E: piclerk@picounty.org
Commissioners Office
P: 989.734.3288
E: piclerk@picounty.org
Drain Commissioner
P:  989.590.8016
E: picountydrain@frontier.com
Election & Voting
P: 989.734.3288
E: piclerk@picounty.org
Emergency Management
P: 989.590.7811
E: picoesc@picounty.org
P: 989.734.3810
E: picoequal@picounty.org
Friend of the Court Presque Isle County Office
P: 989.734.4312

Friend of the Court Cheboygan County Office
P: 231.627.8825
MSU Extension
P: 989.734.2168
E: msue71@msu.edu
Presque Isle County Airport
Owner: Presque Isle County
P: 989.734.7037

Manager: Alan Stiller
P: 906.430.7718
Probate Court
P: 989.734.3268 
E: piprobate@picounty.org
Prosecuting Attorney
P: 989.734.4709 
E: pipros@picounty.org
Public Guardian
P: 989.734.5278
Register of Deeds
P: 989.734.2676 
E: registerofdeeds@picounty.org
P: 989.734.4075 
E: picotreas@picounty.org
Veterans Affairs
P: 989.734.0302
E: veterans@picounty.org