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P.O. Box 110
Rogers City, Ml 49779
P: 989.734.3288
F: 989.734.7635

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
For voting information please contact The County Clerk’s Office

Early Voting
Michigan voters have the right to cast a ballot early and in person at an early voting site before Election Day. Early voting will be available beginning with the presidential primary in 2024 and every statewide and federal election thereafter.

County Election Commission
Probate Judge: Erik J. Stone
County Treasurer: Bridget LaLonde
County Clerk: Ann Marie Main

Election Inspectors
We are looking for individuals interested in becoming Election Inspectors.  You would be required to attend a half-day training session. For more information contact the Presque Isle County Clerk’s Office, 151 E. Huron Ave. P.O. Box 110, Rogers City, MI  49779, call 989.734.3288 or email The application is available by clicking here.

Clerk’s Responsibilities
The qualified voter file is maintained by the County Clerk’s office. It consists of a record for each registered voter in each jurisdiction in Presque Isle County. We also have access to a Statewide Voter Registration File. Interested parties can request a list of registered voters from a certain precinct and mailing labels for all voters within that precinct. 

This information can be received on a CD/DVD. The County Clerk is the Election Coordinator for all elections in the county including federal, state, county, township, village, school districts, intermediate school districts, community college districts, and referendum and millage questions. Click here for more information.

Michigan Voter Rights and Responsibilities

  • Be treated with courtesy and respect by the election workers.
  • Vote in private free from interference or intimidation
  • Review a sample ballot before voting
  • Review a summary of the state and federal laws that govern voting.
  • Ask for and receive help from the election workers if you are unsure about anything related to casting a ballot
  • Obtain a replacement ballot if you make a mistake when voting
  • Obtain an absentee ballot if you are qualified to vote absentee.
  • Vote a provisional ballot if your name does not appear on the registration list and you assert, under oath that 1. You’re registered to vote by the registration deadline and 2. You are a resident of the city or township where you are offering to vote.
  • Have your minor child (under age 18) accompany you in the voting station while you vote.
  • Obtain a ballot if in line when the polls close at 8 pm
  • Report illegal or fraudulent activity to the local clerk or the Michigan Department of State’s Bureau of Elections.

As a Michigan Voter, you have a responsibility to:

  • Treat the election workers and other voters with courtesy and respect.
  • Respect the privacy and voting rights of other voters
  • Request instructions or assistance as needed if you do not know how to use the voting equipment or have other questions about casting a ballot.
  • Be informed about the candidates and proposals on the ballot.
  • Check your ballot to ensure that it accurately reflects your choices.
  • Read and follow all voting instructions.
  • Register at least 30 days before the election.
  • Keep your voter registration information up to date with your current address.
  • Follow all federal and state voting laws.
  • Vote in person if registered by mail and have never previously voted in Michigan. (does not apply to voters who are age 60 and older, disabled or overseas)
  • You must vote in person if you registered by mail or have never previously voted in Michigan. To satisfy Michigan’s identification requirements, you must provide identification before voting. Acceptable ID includes current and valid photo ID such as a driver’s license or Michigan Identification Card. You must satisfy a federal identification requirement by providing a photo ID, a paycheck stub, a utility bill, a bank statement, or a government document that lists your name and address. The requirement does not apply to voters who are disabled or overseas.

Election Information
A Voter’s Guide
Election Fees
League of Women Voters
Michigan Campaign Finance Act 388 of 1976
Michigan Election Laws
Michigan Voter Information Center
Municipal Local Clerks
Polling Places in PI County
What’s on The Ballot

Election Results
2019 General Election Results
2020 March Election Results
2020 August Election Results
2020 November Election Results
2022 August Unofficial Election Results
2022 November Unofficial Election Results
2023 November Unofficial Election Results
2024 February Unofficial Election Results

Forms & Documents
Absent Voter Ballot Request
Campaign Finance Forms
Michigan Voter’s Rights and Responsibilities
Primary Facts and Statistics
Qualified Voter File Data Request Form
Registration and Absentee Ballot Application
State of Michigan Election Inspector Application
Voters Registration Application

Department of State
Secretary of State