Forty Mile Lighthouse

Public Notice For Proposed Work by Presque Isle County & The Forty Mile Point Lighthouse Society, Inc.

The National Park Service (NPS), pursuant to its responsibilities under the Federal Lands to Parks program, Federal Property Act, 40 U.S.C. 550 (b) and (e), has reviewed proposed work by Presque Isle County and the Forty Mile Point Lighthouse Society, Inc., to build a 14′ x 16′ shed roof addition to the rear of a non-historic outbuilding at Forty Mile Point Light Station/Lighthouse Park, located at 7323 U.S. 23N. This work represents an addendum to the approved treatment of the historic property as established in the Forty Mile Point Light Station’s Program of Utilization, a legally binding document incorporated by reference in the 1971 deed which transferred the property from the Federal government Presque Isle County.  The NPS has determined that the proposed action is in keeping with the overall management of the property per the Federal Lands to Parks program.

Because the proposed action represents an undertaking within a property listed on the National Register of Historic Places (P2457), as defined in 36 CFR §800.16(y), the NPS has responsibility for compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, as amended.  Forty Mile Point Light Station was constructed in 1896, and has experienced few modifications.  Included within the complex are a number of historic resources, including a combination duplex/light tower, two privies, a barn, oil house, garage, and sidewalks which connect the resources.  Two minor sheds and the Calcite pilot house were built following transfer of the property to the Presque Isle County. A preliminary assessment of affects has been undertaken, and the area of potential effect is proposed as the location of the shed addition construction, which includes creation of a 4” concrete pad (physical effect).  A minor change to the appearance of the perimeter of the historic district (visual effect) would also occur, but be limited primarily to partial views of the shed addition from a modern parking area behind the duplex, and from a limited view from the front of the duplex.  The dense, mature vegetation aids in reducing views to the shed from most locations within the historic complex.  There will not be any auditory, vibratory or sociocultural effects.   The NPS notes that the concrete pad has already been poured, but that no soil was removed for this work. 

The NPS has determined that there would be no adverse effect to the historic resources at Forty Mile Point.  Overall, there would be a small increase to the size of a non-contributing resource at the perimeter of the historic complex. The proposed location of the addition is intended to be as minimally visible as possible, located to the rear of the current shed. The current shed is also located close to/within the edge of the surrounding mature vegetation, which further minimizes its presence from nearly all views across or into the complex.  Other alternative sites for construction of a new storage shed would be much more visible within the historic core, or are too far from the complex to feasibly serve the shed’s intended purpose.

In accordance with 36 CFR §800.4, 36 CFR§800.5, and 36 CFR §800.11, the NPS has initiated consultation with the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office, and with tribes that may identify cultural affiliation with the site. Per 36 CFR §800.2(d), this notice informs the public about the undertaking. Please direct any comments to Diane Keith at, or Dena Sanford at, by May 28.