County Treasurer
P.O. Box 110
Rogers City, Ml 49779
Phone: (989) 734-4075
Fax:( 989) 734-7834

 Presque Isle County Staff

Bridget LaLonde County Treasurer
Valerie Peacock Chief Deputy Treasurer

Heidi Tulgestke

Deputy Treasurer
Michigan Treasury Forms

Here are links to a few forms that are available at the Michigan Department of Treasury website. If you 
have any problems with these forms please contact the Treasury Department for help.

Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit
(formerly the Homestead Exemption)
File this form with your township/city assessor.

Claim for Farmland Exemption from School Operating Taxes
(formerly Agricultural Exemption)
File this form with your township/city assessor.

Request to Rescind Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption
File this form with your township/city assessor.

Request to Rescind Qualified Agricultural Exemption
File this form with your township/city assessor.

Property Transfer Affidavit
File this form with your township/city assessor.

Property Transfer Affidavit notice to make a land division
File this form with your township/city assessor.

Affidavit Attesting that Qualified Agricultural Property shall Remain Qualified Agricultural Property
File this form with the County Register of Deeds.

Property Tax Estimator by the State of Michigan
This site will help you estimate taxes based on the millage rate for each township in Presque isle County.
Township Web sites

The Assessing Office Allan Berg and Jodi Rhode

Duties and Responsibilities

The office of the County Treasurer was established by the Michigan State Constitution (Article VII, Section 4). The four-year term of office is filled by partisan election. The duties and powers of the County Treasurer are provided by state law and by authorization of the County Board of commissioners. The two main roles of the treasurer are as the custodian of all county funds and the collector of taxes. Additionally, the treasurer fulfills many other duties.

The county receives money from several sources. The principal source of revenue is an ad valorem property tax. Other income is received from state and federal grants, interest income and various service and license fees. Many of the county's departments collect money in the course of their business. This money is periodically deposited with the treasurer, who is in a sense, the county’s banker. Besides revenue items, the treasurer is responsible for large amounts of money in various trust and agency funds.

The office is responsible for accounting of all revenue coming to the county for investments of idle funds, for the securities and monies held in financial institutions; collection of delinquent property taxes; reconveyance of property; certification of deeds and plat maps and other documents pertaining to tax histories and litigations; also conducts the annual land sale.

The functions of this office are dictated by state statutes, under the guidance of the Bureau of Local Government Services Audit Division and the State Treasury Department.The following examples of duties are intended to be illustrative only and are not intended to be all inclusive.

Collects, receipts and distributes property tax payments to the proper entities
Collects and receipts all other monies paid to the various County officials
Reports at various times to the State of Michigan any information required
Reports and remits taxes and other payments to each taxing entity monthly, or in some cases twice monthly
Prepares semi-annual reports of accounts for publication
Holds annual tax lien sale
Prepares Certificates of Taxes Due
Issues Redemption Certificates of property taxes
Issues Authentication of Taxes Paid
Works with the public, personally and by phone, when information from the office is requested
Supplies County officials with requested financial information
Bills title companies monthly for tax certificate
Prepares monthly audit list of bank and cd balances
Reconciles warrants daily on excel spreadsheet and prepares monthly warrant reports, and
journal entries of same
Prints tax notices and supervises the annual mailing
Prepares delinquent tax notices, and newspaper publication of same


Township Treasurer Contact Information

Allis Township: 010-011
Paula Hyde
PO Box 751
Onaway, MI 49765
C: 231-445-0896

Bearinger Township: 020-021
Emilie M. Stawiarski
19223 Ortolan Lane
Millersburg, MI 49759
H: 734-730-9192

Belknap Township: 030
Candy Peltz
2267 E. Heythaler Hwy
Rogers City, MI  49779
H: 989-730-8413

Bismarck Township: 040-042
Scott Cordes
7028 W 638 Hwy
Hawks, MI 49743
H: 989-734-7012

Case Township: 050-052
Charles Lewis
11518 E Shore Drive
Millersburg, MI 49759
C: 989-733-8899
F: 866-833-1801
H: 989-733-4101

City of Onaway: 160
Crystal Veal
City Hall
20774 State St
PO Box 761
Onaway, MI 49765
H: 989-733-8313

City of Rogers City: 150
Terri Koss
City Hall
193 E Michigan Ave
Rogers City, MI 49779
H: 989-734-2191

Krakow Township: 060-061
Diane Muccianti
7624 Grand Point Road
Presque Isle, MI 49777
HM: 989-595-6615
H: 989-766-8203

Metz Township: 070
Andrea L Konwinski
3461 Molski Hwy
Hawks, MI 49743-9748
H: 989-766-8133

Moltke Township: 080
Gloria Adrian
4663 M68 Hwy
Rogers City, MI 49779
H: 989-734-4361 (after 7 pm)

North Allis Township: 090
Meloney Grossman
3066 Cedar Dr
Onaway, MI 49765
H: 989-306-2320

Ocqueoc Township: 100-101
Dolores Merchant
5093 Merchant Rd
Millersburg, MI 49759
H: 989-733-8340

Posen Township: 110-111
Loraine Smigelski
6699 Elm Hwy
Posen, MI 49776
H: 989-766-2405

Presque Isle County: 71
Bridget LaLonde Treasurer
151 East Huron Ave
PO Box 110
Rogers City, MI 49779
H: 989-734-4075

Presque Isle Township: 120-122
Jennifer Wieczorkowski
18237 Stebbins Road
Presque Isle, MI 49777
H: 989-595-2752
HM: 989-595-6841

Pulawski Township: 130-131
Carleen Darga
6232 E 638 Hwy
Posen, MI 49776
HM: 989-766-2577

Rogers Township: 140-142
Laura Hilla
1085 Pine Road
H: 989-884-3537

Village of Millersburg: 052
Esther Nichols
5201 Peterman St
Millersburg, MI 49759
H: 989-733-4200


Village of Posen: 111
Marcia J Urban
11579 M-65 Hwy, South
PO Box 126
Posen, MI 49776
H: 989-766-8809
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