Prosecuting Attorneys Office

Presque Isle County Courthouse
151 East Huron Ave.
Rogers City, MI 49779
Phone: 989 -734-4709
Fax: 989-734-7667

 Presque Isle County Staff

Kenneth A.
Prosecuting Attorney
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Legal Secretary
Legal Secretary
Samantha Amrhein
Crime Victim Advocate

What we do...

The Prosecuting Attorney's office reviews all requests for complaints and warrant matters involving violations of state law and/or county ordinances. The Prosecuting attorney is responsible for a wide array of legal functions for Presque Isle County. The following list is some of the duties to include:

  • Chief Law Enforcement Official for Presque Isle County
  • Reviews, authorizes and prosecutes violations of felony and misdemeanor criminal laws of the state of Michigan
  • Review petitions involving juvenile persons under 17 who engage in state law violations
  • Reviews all drug and property forfeiture matters
  • Advises the Department of Human Services on child abuse and neglect matters
  • Attend contested mental health commitment hearings
  • Files and prosecutes actions to establish paternity
  • Files actions to establish family support matters
Hours of operation: Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The office is closed on all County holidays.
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