Presque Isle County Home Improvement
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Michelle LaBar, Housing Administrator
Jim Fleis, Inspector

Presque Isle County Home Improvement Program
151 E. Huron Avenue, PO Box 110
Rogers City, Michigan 49779
Ph 989-734-4822
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Montmorency County Home Improvement Program
12265 M-32, PO Box 789
Atlanta, Michigan 49709
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Contractors who are licensed and insured are invited to participate in the Home Improvement Program, Please contact Michelle at 989-734-4822 or via email for more information.

Section 3 Presque Isle County

Section 3

The Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 Section 3 component is a requirement of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that intends to provide employment and other economic opportunities to low and very low income persons through the benefit of HUD housing assistance or assisted projects. Through this act projects assisted with HUD funds require contractors to attempt to hire low income residents to fill new positions. Section 3 applies to the Home Improvement Program projects. For residents of public housing and other low income residents of Presque Isle County Section 3 may create the opportunity for employment. Residents who wish to become Section 3 certified should contact Michelle at 989-734-4822 or via email    
Section 3 Presque Isle County

Home Improvement Program

The Home Improvement Program provides low interest loans for rehabilitation of homes and for some emergency repairs to income eligible single family residences located within Presque Isle County.

Income eligible homeowners at 80% or below of Area Median Income may apply. Loans are secured with a lien. All funds are either repaid over an amortized period of time or recaptured at time of transferring ownership or of vacating the home for any reason. Most loans can be extended up to 20 years to keep payments affordable. Payments on loans are used to provide new loans to other income eligible county residents. However, homeowners at 50% or below of Area Median Income may receive deferred loans.

A lien is placed on the home while loans are in place. When the property is sold or ownership is transferred in any manner the full amount of lien is due. Homes must be able to be rehabilitated to HUD’s Uniform Physical Conditions Standards within the funding available. Emergency repair loans address specific issues only.

Homeowners must be the owner-occupant and the home must be their year-round primary residence. The owner-occupant must have lived in the home full time for at least one year. The home must be located in Presque Isle County. The home must be at least 5 years old. Mortgage payments must be current. Homeowners insurance and property taxes must be current. There must be a recorded Warranty Deed. Applicants must be able to provide proof of income for all household members. Homes built prior to 1978 must undergo a lead based paint assessment. Mobile Homes must be permanently attached on land owned by the homeowner and generally do not qualify for assistance other than emergency repairs.

Eligible improvements may include but are not limited to:
            Install insulation
            Install energy-efficient furnace
            Install or replace badly deteriorated siding
            Repair or replacement of roof
            Replacement of windows and doors
            Upgrade electrical wiring
            Repair well and septic systems
            Install handicap ramps

Services offered by this office include:
            Emergency Repair Loans
            Uniform Physical Condition Standards Rehabilitation Improvement Loans
            PIP Loans - Property Improvement Program Loans through MSHDA
            USDA Rural Development Housing Preservation Loans

Services offered by appointment ONLY
            Financial Coaching – contact Shannon at NEMCSA 989-358-4627
            Foreclosure Intervention Counseling- contact Shannon at NEMCSA
            Homebuyer Education – contact Shannon at NEMCSA 989-358-4627
The Presque Isle County Home Improvement Program is an equal opportunity lender. Applicants are considered on a first come, first ready, first served basis. There may be a waiting list. Our list of other services is generally similar but some have different qualification requirements than the County Home Improvement Program. You may be eligible for multiple services; it all starts with a program application.

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