89th District Court
151 E. Huron
P.O. Box 110
Rogers City, MI 49779
Phone 989-734-2411
Fax: 989-734-3400
email: dist89th@picounty.org

Maria I. Barton
Chief District Judge

(Six year term: 1-1-15 to 1-1-21)

The 89th District Court is composed of Presque Isle and Cheboygan Counties

 District Court Staff

Maria I. Barton District Court Judge
Kristy L. Hardies Court Administrator /Assistant Magistrate/Court Clerk
Christina L. Delekta

Magistrate/Probation Officer/ Criminal Clerk

Collette L. Welch Civil Clerk/Court Recorder
Pamela Burns Criminal Clerk
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What is District Court?

The District Court is divided into three divisions: criminal, civil and traffic. The criminal division of District Court handles a wide range of criminal proceedings including misdemeanor offenses for which the maximum possible penalty is one year or less. The Court arraigns Defendants, sets and accepts bond, conducts trials and sentences Defendants. In addition to issuing misdemeanor complaints, the District Court also issues all felony complaints, sets bond and conducts preliminary hearings in the felony cases.

The criminal division of the court is also responsible for issuing search warrants, scheduling all hearings and trials for misdemeanors, receipting and maintaining all criminal bonds, keeping records of all criminal matters, reporting information to state agencies, including Secretary of State for motor vehicle violations and notifying the Michigan State Police of criminal convictions. District Court staff is also responsible for collecting fines, costs and restitution on misdemeanor criminal cases, as well as monitoring people placed on probation.

The traffic division of the Court processes all civil infractions, which include minor traffic matters, some Department of Natural Resource matters and certain misdemeanor cases. Many of the responsibilities listed in the criminal division are the same for the traffic division.

The civil division of the Court handles civil matters where the amount in controversy is less than $25,000.00, small claims, and landlord tenant matters, Staff is responsible for accepting and filing new cases, collecting filing fees, scheduling matters, record keeping of files, and processing post judgment matters such as garnishments and discovery exams.

In addition to the above statement, the staff is responsible for providing access to all public records of the District Court.


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