Building and Zoning Department

Michael Libby
Building and Zoning Official
106 E. Huron Avenue Suite B
Rogers City, MI  49779
Phone: 989 734 2915 Fax 989 734 8195 email:
Clerk: Kathy Wisniewski

General Summary

Under the general supervision of the County Commissioners, the building and zoning official directs the activites of the Constructions Code department in the enforcement of state buidling codes and ordinances and the issuance of related permits to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Zoning and Building Official conducts onsite inspections at locations throughout the County to determine conformity to state building codes. He also initiates compliance actions when violations are found and prepares inspection reports.

Performs construction site plans and blueprint reviews and site inspections to determine building methods, checking for compliance to codes and ordinances. Coordinates inspection activities with other departments, as necessary and cooperates with other agencies in the enforcement of applicable regulations.

Responsible for ensuring that new development and on-going land occupancy conforms to applicable County regulations regarding land use and zoning, drainage and stormwater management.

Responsible for administration and enforcement of all building codes and zoning ordinances.

Recommend suggestions for amendments or modifications to the building code.

Attend County Board and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings and prepare verbal or written reports as directed by the Board of Commissioners.

Receive applications for building permits and administer the issuance of building permits. In connection therewith, examine blue prints and other documents for compliance with the building and zoning ordinances.

Inspect all new construction, and renovations to existing structures, for compliance with the building code and municipal code.

Conduct field examinations of new construction and renovation projects as pertains to, but not limited to, footings, foundations, electrical, plumbing, and structural requirements. Field examinations will be done to determine compliance with building code and municipal code requirements. Deviations are to be noted corrective actions will be recommended, and final inspections will be conducted prior to the issuance of occupancy permits.

Conduct related permit administration activities.

Respond to inquiries from the general public, developers, and construction individuals regarding the building code and other applicable ordinances.

Administer the enforcement of all building and zoning ordinances, including the inspection of a building determined to be in violation of the building code and other ordinances; investigate complaints and maintain supporting documentation for all ordinance violations.

Interpret, administer and enforce all regulations regarding materials and workmanship in construction, repairs and maintenance of buildings, structures and premises.

Assist other officers in the coordination of the development process for new subdivisions, annexations, zoning reclassification, variations, conditional uses and other development activities.


NEW! An Ordinance to amend the Presque Isle County Zoning Ordinance section 2.2 among others. Please click here to read more..

The building and offices will remain open. This includes: MSU Extension, Building and Zoning and District Health Dept. #4. 

You may park on 3rd Street, Huron Avenue or the alley directly behind the Annex building. 

You will need to utilize the entrance from the alley by the MSE Extension office.  Signs will be posted.

Thank you for your patience during our construction.


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